Beer Review: Little Creatures Dog Days

Welcome to the first of my beer reviews here on The Beer Healer. My beer reviews on this site aren’t going to be overly technical, cos I am not a Cicerone, but I am a beer lover who will do my best to entertain you with a fun, light hearted look at some new beers appearing on the scene.

My Dad has always said that there is no such thing as a bad beer…this coming from someone who drank the green labelled beer from Victoria for most of his years prior to my time in the industry where I tried to change his tastes. I tend to disagree with him, I have tasted some horrible beers (my infected homebrews would be on the list!) but they aren’t horrible because someone set out to create a bad tasting beer, it’s just personal taste. I am sure that if I gave an 18 year old a Lambic he would throw it back at me and reach for his Corona and Lime…so each to their own.

IMG_0182First cab off the rank is the new Summer Release from Little Creatures, Dog Days. Now before I go any further, I need to be up front and mention that I used to work for these guys and so have a bit of a soft spot for them. Interesting name, Dog Days, referring to the hot days of summer, as opposed to running around sniffing other dogs butts and…well you get the idea!

I had been bugging my ex-workmates to get me an early sample of this beer, as I had been absolutely hanging out to try it after the success of the previous limited release “Return Of The Dread”. If you happen to find a bottle of that in your local bottle-o, pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.

Luckily enough for me, I didn’t have to rely on my mates, as they dint come through with the goods! However, I was walking through Salamanca on Hobart’s waterfront after work last Friday night and noticed that the old faithful pub on the corner, the institution that is Knopwoods, had it on tap! Now, if you are a Tasmanian you would know this pub, as you have probably had a drink there at Christmas when every ex-pat Taswegian heads down to Salamanca to catch up with old mates, knowing that every other ex-pat has the same idea…killing ten birds with one stone!

Normally I don’t like to drink alone, unlike my old mate George Thorogood, but on this occasion I had no choice. I was busting to try this beer and I had about a 15 minute window before I was about to be picked up by the wifey…PERFECT!!! The sun was out in Hobart, not always a guaranteed thing, but perfect conditions to be trying a beer brewed to be drunk in the sunshine!

As you can see above, the beer poured a really nice straw yellow colour with a bit of cloud and a great looking head. The hops used in the beer are Cascade, Summit and Mosaic, keeping with the Freo boys love of the USA hops. They give off some really nice tropical fruit aromas and present you with a really nice bitterness on the back end. In drinking this I was expecting something similar to S&W Pacific Ale, but I have referred to this beer as a “big boys” version of that beer. There is a bit more to this beer in the flavour and the bitterness which may surprise faithful Pacific Ale drinkers who assume it to be “another galaxy hop based summer ale”, but no Galaxy hops in this beauty! A summer ale with a little bit more, should provide hop heads with a very sessionable beer (it’s a nice 4.4% ABV) for this summer…get it while it lasts!

Oh, and I was able to sneak in a second one before the wifey arrived, having enjoyed the first one so much!

Cheers to great beers!

Victor Lukianenko - October 16, 2015

Looking forward to more blogs mate!

Razzar - February 5, 2016

Very nice wheat beer. Must say it has bit on the Sierra Navada brew which I’d thought a good standard for wheat beers. But the dog days summer has more balls in hop flavour & fruits stand out. Extremely refreshing.

    chrisluki - February 5, 2016

    thanks for taking the time to read and comment!
    Appreciate it.

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