Beer Advent Calendar – Day 20

What did I unwrap today?

Murray’s Whale Ale

Wheat Ale, 4.5%

Right…I apologise for this being late, but I had a Christmas party at home this afternoon. We got hit by a storm in the middle of it…there was torrential rain, kids and parents running for cover and umbrellas blowing over! But some of the kids didn’t care and continued to ride the slip n slide during it all!



In this middle of all this I was able to quickly try this brew!

My thoughts on the  beer

A nice cloudy pour with a “pillowy” white head on top of a very light coloured liquid…very appealing to be honest. Not a great deal of aroma on it, but you can tell it’s trying hard to push through some citrus aroma. Farily thin on taste, but it is meant to be light and refreshing, slight bitterness on the back end. If the weather had not ruined our Christmas BBQ, it would have been great to throw back a few of these in the afternoon sun on the deck.

What food would go with this beer

Keeping it light to go with this lightly flavoured brew…go with some beer battered white bait and maybe some citrusy salsa.

Apologies for being so brief today!

See you tomorrow for the next beer in my Advent Calendar. To see my other Advent Calendar beer reviews, click here. Feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment, or you can share my posts and photos on facebook, twitter, or instagram!

Cheers to Xmas Beers!

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