Beer Advent Calendar – Day 1

What did I unwrap today?

Two Birds Taco

Wheat Beer, 5.2%

The girls at Two Birds have been taking the Aus craft beer scene by storm in recent months…and for good reason, they make smashing beers! I am hoping to write an article about Jane and Danielle some time next year, and not because they are girls dominating in a traditionally male dominated field, but because they are bloody good at what they do and I just love their passion for the craft…and their beers!

My thoughts on the  beer

This is a really interesting beer…its got a bit of a traditional Wheat Beer base with some flaked corn, coriander and lime peel that work really nicely with a couple of super-aromatic hops in Citra and Amarillo…I love these hops! Light in colour, a nicely balanced flavour with a bit of the corn and coriander coming through. I could sit around on a hot Christmas Day and down a few of these, for sure.

What food would go with this beer

Keeping in with the Mexican theme, and to pick up on the late addition of corn in the brew, I would pair this beer with a nice batch of Chicken Nachos…easy drinking, finger food, I’m in heaven.

See you tomorrow for the next beer in my Advent Calendar. In the meantime, shoot me an email or leave a comment, or you can share my posts and photos on facebook, twitter, or instagram!

Cheers to Xmas Beers!

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