Beer Advent Calendar – Day 4

What did I unwrap today?

Hargreaves Hill ESB

Extra Special Bitter, 5.2%

This is getting embarrassing! I am meant to be a craft beer writer and this is three days in a row of being surprised with a new brewery that I know nothing about. My old mate Richard used to always say “every day is a school day”, and this week he is spot on!

My thoughts on the  beer

I enjoy an ESB every now and then, I have fond memories of Van Dieman Brewing doing a very good limited release “Little Hell ESB” in 2013…maybe Will should do that one again?

Pouring a nice copper colour, this one had a little more on the nose than I was expecting for some reason…I got a bit of sweet caramel malt up front and some nice citrusy notes to follow, thanks to some dry hopping with “new world” hops…is that Galaxy in smell?

The beer was beautifully balanced, I thought…malt driven with the toffee/caramel flavours you would expect and then some fruitiness and a very pleasant bitter finish. Might need to get onto Boozebud to send me another of these!

What food would go with this beer

I have head before that beers from a particular region usually pair best with foods from that region, in this case England. Seeing as I am a loooong way from Ol’ Blighty, I will steer clear from what would be the normal pairing in that part of the world, Fish ‘n’ Chips. I am going to instead go with an accompaniment for the nice caramel notes in the beer and throw a good old kebab with some capsicum, lamb, onion and mushroom on the Barbie to have with this beer.

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Cheers to Xmas Beers!

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