Beer Advent Calendar – Day 6

What did I unwrap today?

Hop Nation The Fiend

Australian Pale Ale, 5.4%

Straight Outta Melbourne, some crazy winemakers called Sam and Duncan! These guys decided they would brew some beers after travelling the world with their love of wine…good choice fellas! Working with hops since 2014, they are relatively new to the scene, only two beers to their name…this is their first.

My thoughts on the  beer

An Australian IPA, hey…what exactly is the definition of this style of beer? Originally brewed in England for export to troops in India, modern English IPA’s are hopped up, but probably not to the extent of the American IPA’s which tend to have boosted hop profiles with a huge flavour punch and generally higher ABV’s. So the Aussie version, I guess it is similar in style to the American but with all Aussie grown hops…another evolution in the IPA journey perhaps.

Interestingly, I read that this beer is hopped up with Galaxy hops…probably not my idea of a go to hop for an IPA, but hey this is an Australia IPA so the use of Galaxy fits, as it is grown exclusively in Australia…not too far from my place, actually. The beer pours a nice nice pale golden colour with a white head that could be a little bigger, but still ok. On the nose you get floral and citrus with a bit of a malty undertone, very nice. Down the hatch and it is a smooth, crisp and easy drinking beer with a nicely balanced bitterness on the back end…I am going to say this one is a bit of a winner in my books, might try and get some more to share with the lads.

What food would go with this beer

This beer is somewhat of a hybrid, a bit of an experiment styles…so I am going to go out on a bit of a limb here and pair up some food that I probably wouldn’t always do with IPA’s. I would usually pair them up with something salty, spicy or fried…or even a curry…check that one out! On this occasion, I am going to go on-trend with food and say pair this one up with a mexican dish…I am thinking something like a chicken fajita or burrito…how does that sound to you?

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Cheers to Xmas Beers!

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