Beer O’Clock – Week In Beer 12-Feb

Beer O’Clock – Week In Beer 12-Feb

Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome back to another Friday Beer O’Clock post. Is it Beer O’Clock in your part of the world yet? If not, hopefully you can pass some time reading the below articles while you wait for the whistle to blow to end the day.

I have been trawling the internet this week to dig up some of the best stories going round the globe…

Stop, Collaborate & Mill In

Great story about the culture of collaboration growing in the South Australian craft brew scene!

Left Hand Brewing Offer To Swap Budweisers After Superbowl Promotion

Peyton Manning told the millions of viewers of the Super Bowl that he was going to drink a lot of Budweiser to celebrate his win. Clever product placement from a man that owns shares in two Anheuser-Busch InBev wholesalers in his native Louisiana, according to Beer Business Daily, an industry publication. Coloroado brewers, Left Hand, want to teach the world to drink great beer and offered to swap one of their beers for any patron with a Budweiser!

Check out this video,which dives a little deeper into his love of Bud.

150 Lashes shakes up the Hottest 100

Big brewing’s entry level craft beer has got some craft beer knickers in a knot about a beer that just keeps on growing.

Budweiser stirring the craft beer pot once again with this years Superbowl Ad

They just cant help themselves…are they scared, or having some fun with the craft beer industry cos they have bazillions of dollars in the marketing budget?

The Reality of being a Woman in the Beer industry

Great insight in to some of the trails and tribulations women face in a male dominated industry.

How Low Can You Go?

Australia brewers, Hahn, released a 0.9% beer this week…Are they creating a new beer category?

Stone Brewing’s taking on the Reinheitsgebot in Berlin

On the anniversary of a German beer law, American upstart Stone Brewing is making a foothold in Berlin.

Hold My Beer, I need to shoot some fireworks!


MRW the world says I can’t sexually identify as an Attack Helicopter

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Be sure to check back in Monday morning (Australian Daylight Time) for my next post. I am talking to Owen Johnston about his new project, The Hop Trial Brewing Co. I interview him and he shares his thoughts on his new beer at the launch…until then, have a great weekend and…

Cheers to great weekend beers!

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