Beer O’Clock – Week In Beer 18-Feb

Beer O’Clock – Week In Beer 18-Feb

Happy Friday everyone!

Welcome back to another Friday Beer O’Clock post. Is it Beer O’Clock in your part of the world yet? If not, hopefully you can pass some time reading the below articles while you wait for the whistle to blow to end the day.

I have been trawling the internet this week to dig up some of the best stories going round the globe…

Beer Geeks Can Get Nasty

Check out this story about the fanatical brew lovers who go crazy for limited releases. One guy even had death threats made against him for nabbing more that his share and trying to re-sell it on ebay!

12662448_1676748092564636_2960196580421029367_nThe Badger…this can’t be good?

Why did someone feel the need to create this Guinness/Smirnoff hybrid drink?

Blood, Sweat & Beer

A new documentary has been released about the explosive growth of the craft beer industry I haven’t watched it yet, but it is on my to-do list!

The Watermelon Warhead – Story Of A Legend

The first of a series of stories over on Crafty Pint called “The Story Of”. They will be selecting brews that have gained iconic status, possess particular interest, or are simply downright awesome, and then delve deeper into their background of them.

The Hop Trial Brewing Company – Schooling Hop Heads

Owen Johnston has an ambitious plan to teach hop heads about the power of the hop. His first brew, a SMASH Pale Ale made with Ella hops has just been released. Check out the interview below.

Top 10 South London Craft Bars

If you are heading to London any time soon, you must check out these craft beer bars!

Hold My Beer, I’m going kiteboarding!

Kiteboarding… without a board

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Be sure to check back in Monday morning (Australian Daylight Time) for my next post. I am taking a look at how to improve the quality of my home brew! Until then, have a great weekend and…

Cheers to great weekend beers!

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