Introducing 60 Second Beer Reviews

Introducing 60 Second Beer Reviews

Got 60 Seconds? Well, Lemme Tell You About This Beer…

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As I was applying the the finishing touches to my last video a few weeks ago, which weighed in at a pretty lengthy 7+ minutes, I got to thinking about how many people I may not be reaching with my videos due to the in depth conversation and ultimate length of them. As I am all about spreading the craft beer gospel to as many people as possible, I thought there might be a better way to get the word out there…60 Second Beer Reviews!

We are all time poor these days, but finding 60 Seconds shouldn’t be too hard, should it? And then I thought I should cater for everyone, the casual beer drinker to the beer nerd and cater for the varying levels of interest in amount of information they want in a beer…this is what I have come up with!

Each review will open up with the beer being poured so that you can see how it looks in the glass.


Then you will be presented with a screen layout similar to¬†something like a SportsCenter ticker, or what you would see on a breakfast news show…kind of like this.

Screen Explanation

As the video progresses, I will talk about the beer and its characteristics, as well as throw in a few tidbits of interesting info along the way. All of this chit chat is supported by information on the screen…key highlights in the red bar, and the beers characteristics down the left hand side. While this is going on, you have the 60 second countdown timer running to make sure I keep to my 60 Second time limit.

Just in case you miss something during the video (I do speak pretty quickly), there is a review screen on the back end that recaps all of the key information for you in one hit.

Seems pretty easy, hey? I think so!

I will be producing these videos weekly, so check back in here on Wednesday mornings (Eastern Aus Time) to see the latest video, or subscribe to my YouTube channel via the click on the right here. I have also added a new page link at the top for the 60 Second Beer Reviews.

And now for the first video…Founders All Day IPA

Cheers to Great Beers!

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