#60SecondBeerReview: Nail Brewing Red Ale

Got 60 Seconds? Well, Lemme Tell You About This Beer…

I hope you are enjoying my 60 Second Beer Reviews, cos I enjoy filming them for you!

This beer review came about due to a chance meeting of another blogger, Pia Poynton, at GABS in Melbourne this year. Pia also works for Nail Brewing and had sent me some samples to get my thoughts on them…they were great by the way. 3 or 4 trips past the Nail Brewing site to try and catch up with her, but I was out of luck…then I got this!


So glad she found me, because I got to finally meet her face to face, as well as Head Brewer, John Stallwood. I thanked John for the beer samples and told him I would do a 60 Second Beer Review of Red…my favourite!

So here we are…please enjoy it below!

If you didn’t catch my video from last week, it was the Ballast Point Sculpin IPA. You can find it in the menu above, or click here.

Anyway, check out my video below, but more importantly, find the beer and drink it!

Cheers to Great Beers!



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