Brewie Automated Brewing Machine: First Brew

I have been waiting a few months for my Brewie to arrive, and it is finally here! If you didn't see my unboxing video, you can find it here.

But now its's on to the more exciting part...actually brewing beer with it?

I bought this machine to allow me to brew more, and experiment with other styles. Brewie will help me with this, and also save me a lot of time, as I won't have to be beside the machine for every step in the process. You see, I have a job, young kids and other commitments, so life is very busy. I don't always have a spare 5 - 6 hours on a weekend to brew beer, so my thought is that Brewie will be able to help me with this by automating some of the process, and eventually allow me to monitor progress online. The online stuff is coming, but as I show in the video, Brewie was already able to nicely finish off the brew for me while I had to head off to a meeting for a few hours.

In the future, I would like to be able to mill in the morning, stuff my hop containers to the brim and then head off to work. While I am at work, I kick off the brew and keep an eye on it via my phone. By the time I get gome, my wort is perfectly cooled wort and all I have to do then is pitch the yeast and do a little bit of clean up...happy days!

Are you with me? Well watch the video to see what you think!

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