Brewing Tribute Beers on Brewie: First Attempt

Many home brewers like to create "Clone" recipes for their home brewed beers. Not me, I like to make tribute beers. My recipes are close enough to the original beers to make me think fondly of them as I am sipping on a brew I have made myself, but they aren't exact copies.

Is it a self defence mechanism on my part? Am I afraid that if I call it a "clone" and it is not exactly like the original, I will cop flack for it? Yeah, I think that might be it. I know that the tribute brews I make are not made on equivalent commercial systems, or made by a brewer with the knowledge of the original, so I prefer not to set myself up for failure!

My first tribute brew is dedicated to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, the beer that changed my beer drinking life. I have a man-crush on Ken Grossman who has just done so much for the brewing community and I really admire him for that.

If you have any advice for me, or want a copy of the recipe, shoot me an email -

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