Philter XPA & Hot Tub Beers

Sometimes something magical happens in a craft beer lovers life. For me it was the arrival of some Philter Brewing XPA samples, a crisp, but no too cold Friday evening, and a hot tub just calling my name.

The combination of those three things, and also the chance to have some kid-free (thanks Netflix upstairs) chill out time with my wife, created the perfect opportunity to have a hot tub session.

The beers were the perfect fit for the occasion, but I really wish my wife would drink beer…she stuck to Sauv Blanc.

Anyway, a great night in the tub made me think that I needed to do a beer review of the Philter XPA from the hot tub and celebrate the next best thing to “shower beers”, hot tub beers!

Check out the video! Cheers to great beers.!

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