Ep. 6 – Quality is the key for New Zealand’s Deep Creep Brewing Co.

I was so excited to hear that Scott Taylor from Deep Creek Brewing in Auckland, New Zealand, was keen to jump on the podcast with me. I am a massive fan of their beers and couldn’t wait to find out more about what they have been up to.

Ex Home Brewers that went pro and still love to experiment, operating in one of the hottest craft beer markets going around, sounds a little bit like beer porn to me!

In this episode we talk about the friendly rivalries between craft beer regions in New Zealand, and the comradery that helps them take on the big brewers. Scott tells the story of how they discovered exactly how potent lupulin oils were and I share my story of me meeting with a famous New Zealand sporting hero.

Apologies for the audio quality on this one, the interwebs link between Tasmania and New Zealand must have been clogged with funny cat video traffic on the day we spoke.

Enjoy the chat!

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