Ep. 11 – It Started With An Eggnog Stout – Black Hops Brewing

“I think we should start our brewery, our first beer should be an eggnog stout, and let’s launch it in the height of summer in the nations strongest macro mid strength lager market”. After six pints of Fortitude Brewing’s Admiral Ackbar, that’s kind of how it all came together for the boys from Black Hops Brewing.

I ditched my family at Sea World so that I could drive down to “Melrose Place” (Black Hops HQ) to have a chat with Michael McGovern, Co-Founder and Head Brewer. We chatted about their “overnight success” from Gypsy Brewers to AIBA Champions, taking epic beer trips to the USA, inviting home brew champions to collaborate, epiphany beers and their plans for the future with a big new brew house.

Funnily enough, these guys are also chasing Chris Hemsworth for a beer…join the queue guys!

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