Ep. 12 – Craft Brewing Brain Dump With Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson, or Hendo as he is known, is a doyen of the Australian craft beer scene. He has been brewing for over 10 years and has experienced it all in those times. He founded of Brewcult, was AIBA Champion Gypsy Brewer, won the GABS Peoples Choice Champion Beer and has brewed with Brewcult, Prickly Moses, Southern Bay and Stone and Wood. He has now started a new business, The Rockstar Brewer Academy, and is looking to share his experiences and help new and established brewers brew better beer.

Steve and I got together one night, after I accidentally stood him up to watch the Bachelor finale with my wife and daughter. The good sport that he is, he forgave me and we had an amazing chat. We covered so much ground in 60 minutes (slightly over my usual limit), including:

  • Tips for starting a brewery;
  • Risks of being a gypsy brewer;
  • The importance of High Value/High Quality beers for surviving the game;
  • Hard decisions and the checkpoints for saving beers;
  • Social Media is not a Sales & Marketing plan;
  • Dangers of ignoring the “Craft” in Craft Beer;
  • Japanese Beer Festivals where all the beer is free;
  • If he has plans to brew again; and
  • Of course, the in’s and out’s of the Rockstar Brewer Academy.


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