Ep. 14 – Greg Koch and Sara Tobin from Stone Brewing – Live in Hobart, Tasmania

I often talk about my love for the craft beer world, a world that just continues to amaze me…this podcast kind of came from left field.

Picture this, you head to a local bar to do a meet and greet with a co-founder of one of the most significant craft brewing entities, Greg Koch from Stone Brewing. You strike up a conversation with his wife, Sarah, and bond over showing each other pictures of our cats on our phones! Yep, cats!!

The conversation continued, and I found Sara’s story really interesting, and I asked her if she would like to chat on my podcast when she returned home. She seemed pretty keen, and then said “well what are you up to tomorrow, we are free after breakfast and podcasts are a lot more fun in person”. She then turned to Greg and he was like, “yeah, we can do that”.

And so that’s how this episode came about, and I am sure glad it did. We talked about so many things that I ditched my 30-minute time limit for this episode. Greg and Sara sip on local Tasmanian beers (Hobart Brewing Co. and Spotty Dog)as they profess their love for craft beer, and Tasmania, get us up to date on their plans with Metallica, and talk about the bubbling craft beer scene in Shanghai…the location for their latest tap room .

Many thanks to Greg and Sara, they made my year!

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