Ep. 8 – One For The Beer Salesforce, with Dave Myers

This episode was such a fun one to record, because the guy on the mic with me, Dave Myers, is a funny and passionate beer lover…and that makes my role with these easy, and a lot of fun.

Dave and I think he might be the first Sales Rep to be asked onto an Aussie Beer Podcast, but were not 100% sure. Either way, this is one for all the girls and guys out there in the market building relationships and sharing great stories about great beers. Dave has some great stories to tell in this episode, as well as a unique view on the differences he found working for both big and small beer companies.

Dave is also turning 40 soon, and he takes the opportunity to pitch the idea to his employers (Dave works for Balter) to brew him his very own celebratory beer. If you support him in this endeavour, please use the hashtag #40thBrewForDave in sharing this post!

Enjoy this podcast, I sure did!

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