Ep. 9 – Ross Jurisich , Co-Founder, Stone & Wood Brewing

Ross Jurisich is one of the “three amigos” that in 2008 started the iconic Byron Bay Brewery, Stone and Wood.

Ross is an icon in the industry, who has not only built a very successful business, but has helped many others in the industry to get started. As I found out, he has a way with words…you just have to listen to how he describes the drinking occasion that Pacific Ale was designed to compliment, you will feel like you are back in Byron Bay.

In this episode, we talk about their “beer-o-meter” that helped them discover what beers they wanted to brew, their love of the Galaxy hop, their new brewery (that may not be their last) and those rumours that constantly surround them…yep I’m talking about the forth coming Pacific Ale cans.

Ross also name-drops Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth, the latter which I am hoping to get on this podcast one day…yep, he is a fan of craft beer!

Enjoy the episode!

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