Ep. 7 – Collaboration Beers and Tipping In Bags of Hops with Hobart Brewing and Shambles Brewers

There is now a real and vibrant craft beer culture in Tasmania, which is a pleasant surprise for a state that has traditionally been dominated by two mainstream breweries.

There are now over 30 breweries in the state, and they are taking full advantage of having Australia’s largest hop fields in their backyard. Supporting those breweries are new venues popping up all over the place, looking to treat their customers to flavoursome beers. It’s a great time to be involved in the craft beer industry in Tasmania.

On October 20th, Hobart Brewing Company will be hosting the Hoptober Festival, where they will join with fellow brewers, Shambles and The Winston to celebrate the glorious hop.

I was excited for the Head Brewers from Hobart Brewing and Shambles, Scott Overdorf and Cornel Ianculovici, to join me for a beer this week. Among other things, we chatted about their new collaboration beer made with 8 hop varieties, and what song was on both of their playlists the day Trump was sworn in. Weird, I know, but this podcast asks the questions that must be answered!

Enjoy the chat!

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