Ep. 16 – Gypsy Brewing with Spotty Dog’s Klimt Donohoe

On this podcast, I am trying to tell stories from all different viewpoints within the craft beer industry. Some people are well established, and have stories from their long careers, others are newer to the game, but still have stories to tell.

Klimt Donohoe from Spotty Dog Brewers is something of a trail blazer in the Tasmanian brewing industry. I like to think of him as Tasmania’s version of Mikkeller! Klimt is a gypsy brewer who is producing great beers with the help of a couple of other breweries around the state.

With plans in motion to have his own facility in the future, I thought it would be interesting to get Klimt in to talk about the things that are keeping him up at night, as well as the things he is most excited about as he takes the leap from Gypsy Brewer to Brewery Owner.


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