Ep. 17 – Chris Sheehan – How to remain small inside big beer

When I started this podcast, my aim was to tell stories from all different points of view. Whether they be Marketers, or Sales People or Brewers. And that goes for people working in all breweries, big, small, independent or otherwise…the one thing that unites us is our love of beer.

My guest on this podcast, Chris Sheehan, is an absolute ripping bloke with many years of brewing experience, but I feel like he doesn’t really receive enough credit for his achievement. Why? Well, he works for a big brewer, Lion Beer in Australia, and we all know the stigma that carries in some circles within the industry. However, the interesting thing about him is he currently works in their smallest brewery, The Eumundi Brewery, which is pretty much a brew pub run out of the Imperial Hotel.

So yeah, cool story, smallest brewery inside a big beer operation…sounds like a bit of a contradiction, doesn’t it? Well, somehow he makes it work…so have a listen to his story.


BTW – this is my last episode for 2018…keep an ear out in early January for a couple of very special episodes to start the new year!

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