Ep. 18 – Making beer with Space Yeast and other beer experiments – Steve Haumschild from Lanikai Brewing in Hawaii

Steve Haumschild from Lanikai Brewing in Hawaii is a very inquisitive man with a real passion for his local environment. His island inspired beers are made with all sorts of fruits, flowers, nuts and yeasts hand foraged from the islands of Hawaii. The results are amazing, but this passionate brewer wants to push thing just that little bit further.
It’s here that NASA enters the picture, thanks to a chance meeting at a beer dinner, and after a few beers a plan was hatched to capture yeast from the edge of space…70,000ft in the air! In this episode he explains how he is making the space yeast project a reality.
We also talk about the wild yeasts he is collecting from volcanoes, forests and fields from all over Hawaii, how 98% of beer sold in Hawaii is made off the island, and his
collaborations with brewers in the Pacific North West. Steve also talks about some potential plans to export into Australia, something that should please listeners in my home country.
Steve is a talented brewer and a great story teller, so sit back, relax and have a listen!
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