Ep. 19 – Hamish Coates, Owner of Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

A young man with his head screwed on right, looking to ensure the future success of his family business by taking a chance on this thing called Craft Beer.
That’s how I would describe Hamish Coates from Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. in Western Australia. His brewery resides on land that has been passed down through his family for generations. Previously they farmed beef and dairy cattle, but with new times comes change, new challenges, and new ways to utilise the land for other purposes, like brewing craft beer! They describe it as a new perspective being applied to the land, but with the passion that has been part of their property for all these years.
Passionate about how to sustain-ably utilise the environment around him to create amazing beers, this is a fantastic story of innovation, perseverance and that good old Aussie trait of “having a crack”!
Enjoy the story of Hamish Coates and Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.
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