Ep. 21 – Brewing Up Social Change with Agi Gagic from Sparkke Change Beverages

The craft beer world is littered with stories of people starting breweries after falling in love with creating amazing liquids, including Agi Gagic, head brewer at Sparkke. But the difference with Agi’s brewery is that it’s not just about the love of the beer, you see Sparkke is driven by something greater, the need for social change.
Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, Sparkke was launched in 2017. Founders Rose Kentish, an award wining winemaker and Kari Allen, a highly regarded international marketer, along with Agi describe themselves as social activists, who also happen to run a alcoholic beverage company.
Agi is in charge of creating the beers in slogan covered cans that seem to be striking a chord with the consumers who are looking for an authentic beer brand that shares their values.
I was initially a bit nervous about talking to Agi, I thought I might be a bit out of my league! I need not have worried, as Agi was an absolute pleasure to talk to and shared so many insights into her world of influencing social change one beverage at a time!
Enjoy the chat.
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