Ep. 23 – Talking Beer Tourism with The Beer Pilgrim

Back when I was still working in the industry, and the numbers of beer bloggers, reviewers and podcasters were much lower than what we have today, there was this blonde haired surfie looking dude that used top pop up on the interwebs here and there, going buy the name The Beer Pilgrim. His real name is Tim Charody and 7 or so years and 32,000 facebook followers later, he is still at it.
An engaging presenter who has traveled far and wide sharing his adventures with his followers, some how he has managed to live this amazing adventure and still be able to put food on the table.
Being a fan of working in craft beer activities on my family holidays, I thought I would invite Tim on to talk about his experiences in beer tourism,
You are in for a real treat with this episode…Tim is one of those blokes that you can just ask a question to and he just runs with it, in all directions!
In this episode, we talk about:
  • The amazing Italian Craft Beer Scene and how he me what I would call “The Dude” of Italian Craft Beer;
  • How important Beer Trails are for tourism;
  • Belgium being his favourite beer vacation;
  • How he manages to work craft beer into all of this work trips;
  • Tips for beer travelers; and
  • His upcoming Ultimate West Coast of American Beer Trip that you can join him on!
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