Ep. 26 – Craft Beer Mad Scientist – Ocho Brewing

Stu Grant from Ocho Beer comes across as a pretty quiet guy, but bloody hell, he loves a chat. He is also a massive beer nerd…so I guess that makes my job easy a craft beer podcast host!
Stu has spent the last few years working by day with Will Tatchell at Van Dieman Brewing producing some great beers, and then metaphorically, by night, he puts on his crazy scientist lab coat and goes to work on producing some amazing experimental beers.
In 2016 Ocho beer was born in the back of the Van Dieman brewery. Looking to do something different with their beers, their first year saw them release varieties such as a barrel aged saison, a wild fermented IPA and beer made with Chardonnay grapes…not the typical beers you expect form a small startup brewery. They also took a different route to market, preferring to initially sell all their beer via their website.
For the last few years, Ocho has been creating some great experimental beers and is now firmly in the conversation with other cool kids in the Aussie industry right now.
In this interview, Stu shares some EXCLUSIVE NEWS about the future and talks about:
  • Being fascinated by fermentation;
  • Making cider on the family farm in his early teens;
  • How he “accidentally” made a sour stout;
  • How to release a core beer, that changes four times a year;
  • How Tassie could be the next Bend, Oregon; and
  • The art of making a good Pilsner.
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