Ep. 29 – Craft Brewer Career Paths

I met my guest at one of the world’s smallest beer festivals…From the Wilderness, in Evandale, Tasmania.
On a holiday with his partner Nadia, somehow Rick Bennie managed to convince her to spend their final day in Tasmania at a beer festival two hours away from their camping spot. And they had an early wake-up the next morning to go home on the boat. Something tells me this guy is a dedicated craft beer nut!
Rick is actually a brewer from Blackmans Brewery and I asked him to come on the podcast to talk about the path he took to become a brewer, his career to date, and the options for brewers in terms of careers in the local and even international market.
I enjoyed our conversation in the sun, sipping on some Farmhouse Ales, and I thought that others would like to hear his story, or maybe some of you out there are thinking of a career in brewing and need some help getting started.
Whatever the case, I really hope you enjoy the conversation with Rick as much as I did!
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