Ep. 30 – From Creature To Felon…Starting a New Brewery with Ash Cranston

There are some amazing beers being brewed in Queensland these days. Only a few years ago, the craft beer scene in the Sunshine State was pretty quiet, but all of a sudden there are new breweries and pubs popping up all over the place. Slowly but surely these new kids on the block are converting local drinkers to new flavoursome beers, and tap banks in local pubs now have other options outside of the big brewers mainstream mid-strength options.
My guest was once the head of one of the largest craft beer brands in the country. Backed by an army of sales people, marketing assistants and plenty of cash, he turned his back on that life and moved North to the Sunshine State. It must have been the promise of sun and surf, and a massive market full of opportunities to convert drinkers over to the wonderful world of craft beer that saw him leave behind the spoils of working for a beer brand with serious muscle behind it.
Ash Cranston was the Marketing Manager of Little Creatures for 4 years, and previously managed their dining hall for another 4 years…so he knows a few things about selling beers to punters.
So why did he leave? What has he learned in building a big brewery from scratch? And why did he choose to put in a bottling, not a canning line, like the cool kids are doing?
All of this, and more advice for new brewery builders…
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