Ep. 31 – Dropping Advanced Dry Hop Knowledge with Dr Tom Shelhammer

Brewers of all ages, and experience levels, have a listen to Dr Tom Shelhammer drop some pearls of wisdom about hops in this episode.
Dr Shelhammer was in Tasmania to conduct a session at the Fresh Hop Beer Festival in Launceston, and as luck would have it, he was staying only a few minutes from my home. I took that as a sign that the Beer Gods wanted me to have a chat with him for the podcast!
An expert on all things hops, Dr Shellhammer recently released a piece of ground-breaking research on factors Impacting Aroma, Flavour and Stability in Dry-Hopped Beers, something that I think all brewers, both home and pro would love to know more about.
In this interview, among other things, we discuss the details of his research paper, including:
  • When Dry Hopping, More is not always More;
  • Does Dry Hopping really add bitterness; and
  • The phenomenon known as “Hop Creep”
I was absolutely blown away by his depth and breadth of knowledge on hops and brewing techniques, and I think you will be too!
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