Ep. 32 – Busting Myths and Offering Social Media Tips for Craft Breweries

I’ve been doing this Beer Healer thing across multiple social media platforms for about 4 years now. I thought I knew a little bit about the world of Social Media…until my guest on this podcast set me straight on a few things.
Mariella Mejia is a one time freelance marketer who now runs a Digital Marketing agency called Made With Moxie. Made with Moxie is a digital commerce and paid media agency that growth hacks businesses and sells out events, with a real focus on Social Media and Digital Strategy. She has an impressive list of clients, both in and out of the beer industry, working on some pretty cool social media campaigns, including one with Henry Rollins and Mercedes Benz.
Mariella knows a lot about Social Media, she is currently working with Good Beer Week and having great success with it. Our chat covers the do’s and dont’s of social media, busts a few myths that I well and truly believed, and offers some great tips for anyone looking to really ramp up their social media efforts.
If you are after some real world insights and advice on running your social media account, you have come to the right place!
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