Ep. 33 – Australian International Beer Awards Panel Prediction Show

When I started this podcast, I wanted to make sure I was telling the great stories of the craft beer industry…you know, have a crack at doing my best journalist impression. I felt that with no-one else to bounce conversations around with, and many others already doing very well with the format of having fun discussions over beers, I would take the story telling angle.
But every now and then, an opportunity presents itself to try something a little different…and so was born the idea for this episode.
Joining me for a round table chat over the interwebs is Ex-Hopco employee and man about the brewing world, Jon Burridge, and Klimt Donohoe, co-founder of the next big thing in the Tasmanian beer scene, Spotty Dog and one third of the Step Brewers podcast.
In this episode we take a stab at who we think will be walking away with the AIBA Champion Trophys at this years awards and the boys provide us with some insights into the industry and what is going on.
And for those of you concerned, The Beer Healer Interviews will return to it’s regularly scheduled program format soon!
Apologies for the quality of my individual sound feed on this episode…unbeknownst to me, my microphone died at the start of the interview and so my whole conversation was recorded by my crappy laptop microphone.
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