Ep. 86 – Beer Nerds Unite! With Little Bang Brewing’s Co-Founders, Fil & Ryan.

Strap yourselves in, this is a long one!

On the back of a long lunch and some strange meetings that required them to taste test their own…

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Ep. 85 – How To Buy Someone Else’s Brewery And Make It Your Own. With Fox Friday Co-Owner, Benn Hooper.

The Tasmanian beer scene was a little slower that other states to get on board with the craft beer idea, but in recent years the number of…

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Ep. 84 – It Started as a joke, and she said yes! With Bright Tank Brewing’s Doctor of Fermentology, Matt Moore

Matt Moore is like a wound up spring, so make sure you listen good!

Bright Tank Brewing in East Perth is one of the many amazing breweries…

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Ep. 83 – How to Avoid Getting Stuck In The Valley of Death. With Ballistic Brewing Head Brewer, Lachy Crothers.

In case you didn't notice, our craft beer scene in Australia is maturing quickly. We are well past our formative years, made a few…

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Ep. 82 – Wild Ales & Golden Age Hip Hop. With Dollar Bill Brewing Co-Founder, Ed Nolle.

Anyone who loves 90's hip hop is an immediate friend of mine…enter Ed Nolle. One half of the dynamic duo behind Dollar Bill Brewing…

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Ep. 81 – Story time with an OG Brewer. With Good George Brewing Co-Founder, Brian Watson.

So this episode got off to kind of a rough start, but the mistake I made in calling Brian Watson, Brian Hamilton was actually a blessing in…

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Ep. 80 – Building A Dream Brewery. With Brick Lane Head Brewer Jon Seltlin and Managing Director Paul, Bowker.

Well it's not every day you get to speak to the Managing Director and Head Brewer of a brewery, but I guess that just speaks to how…

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Ep. 79 – Surviving Bushfires & Covid-19 in our first year. With Sanctus Brewing Head Brewer, Banjo Hillier.

It's been a Baptism of Fire (no pun intended) for Sanctus Brewing. They are yet to celebrate their first birthday and they have already…

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Ep. 78 – The Pro, The Protege & The Hack: Let’s Talk Hazies (and take the piss out of each other). With Dave Padden (Akasha) & Ben Miller (From Ben).

Wanna learn something about Hazy beers, or have a laugh…why can't we just have both?

In this episode, Dave and Ben talk about their…

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Ep. 77 – A Warts & All Brew Pub Story. With Shambles Brewery Co-Founder & Head Brewer Cornel Ianculovici

If you love a good Home Brew to Pro story, then the story of how Cornel started Shambles will be right in your wheel house!

He goes deep on…

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