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Do We Have Double Standards With Craft Beer Brands?

August 29, 2016

Are there double standards with the way we think of brands in the craft beer industry, compared to other industries? I don’t have the answer, but it has made me think. The Olympics have been everywhere you look for the past few weeks. I was reading an article the other week about how in previous […]


Craft Beer Branding – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

August 14, 2016

Just cos Craft Beer is cool, doesn’t mean all craft brewery brands are! If you do a bit of a search in the inter-web for great craft beer brands, you will find a bunch of websites that focus on the labels of beer bottles and cans…for me, a brand is much more than just the […]


Challenging 10 Perceptions in The Aussie Craft Beer Market

July 31, 2016

Don’t Shoot The Beer Messenger, I’m Just Starting A Conversation! Prior to sitting down to write my article, I was conversing with some industry mates over their “feedback” on my debut in the media last week. I really wish I’d had the opportunity to do some media training when I was working for big beer, […]


Even More Failures In Beer Marketing

June 19, 2016

Here we go again with more failures in beer marketing! But before I go on with this hard hitting investigative blogging… Pale Ales Will Pale Ales be a future item in these articles? Well I guess, seeing as I am talking about them now, they are kind of a current fad? Name me a brewery […]


No Boring Beer Please

June 1, 2016

Let’s create a Craft Beer Consortium In my 60 Second Beer Review this week, I mentioned the Murray’s Brewing catch cry of “No Boring Beer”! I bet some of your reading this have wanted to cry this out to a bartender at some stage when you walk into a pub, look at the tap beer lineup, […]


5 Failures In Beer Marketing – Part 2

March 28, 2016

But wait, there’s still more beer failures! So it seems that by the responses I have had on email, Reddit, Twitter and comments here…you guys get a kick out of hearing about other peoples failures in the beer market! That’s okay, I am not judging you, to tell you the truth, I quite enjoy them […]


The Little Guys Taking On The Beer Supermarkets

March 15, 2016

Beer Reps Unite! This story is for all of my brothers in craft beer arms, the road warriors who are out and about in their patches of turf spreading the word of the craft beer gospel. I bet many of theses guys and girls, maybe all of them, at some stage have walked into a […]


5 Failures In Beer Marketing – Part 1

February 29, 2016

Not Every Beer Is A Winner Beer is big business these days, producers are always looking for that next big thing to steal market share from their competitors, and hopefully shore up future revenue streams. If they get onto a winner, the competitors copy it and before you know it you have the low-carb craze […]


Beer Emotions!

January 25, 2016

Does Beer Ever Take You Away From Your Everyday? Check out this view from my shack…it’s pretty magic, isn’t it? To take this photo, I had to put down my favourite shack beer…the Founders All Day IPA. Every time I have this beer, it takes me back to this spot on my balcony…the salty air, […]


Beer O’Clock – Banned Beer Commercials

November 20, 2015

Welcome back to another Friday Beer O’Clock post. Hope your working week has been okay and your weekend will be even better…hopefully I can help you pass the time until the whistle blows and you pour your first beer! Now, depending on what country you reside in, there are differing rules around what you can […]

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