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Craft Beer Rating Apps – Help or Hindrance

May 23, 2018

Are Craft Beer sites like Untappd, RateBeer and Beer Advocate helping or hindering the industry?I was sitting at a table of people from the beer industry the other night…brewers, owners, sales guys etc. One of the guys at the table (thanks “anonymous”) told me he had an idea for me to do an article on…what […]


Six Pack Pressure

June 19, 2017

Picking a mixed six pack is stressful! Have you ever given another craft beer loving friend a mixed six pack of stuff they have never tried? I have this week, and oh boy am I feeling the pressure?   It seems like a pretty easy task from the outset…   “Hey mate, why don’t we […]


Beer Chauffeurs Popping Craft Beer Cherries

February 28, 2017

Pop Goes The Craft Beer Cherry!So recently I grabbed my mate Ben and took him down to a local beer festival. He is your typical mainstream beer drinker, never too keen to venture too far from a light tasting beer in a clear bottle…even picking up those ones with added lime on occasion! Anyway, he […]


Today I got called a Beer Snob!

January 25, 2017

WTF? I am no Beer Snob…or am I? So, the other day I was having a beer with a few mates and was offered a beer…nothing special, just your average Mainstream Lager that any beer consumer would have drunk at some stage in their life. Anyway, I politely declined, preferring to reach into my own […]


How Not To Home Brew – Cooling Your Wort

October 24, 2016

Home brew is awesome, but sometimes I mess up! I am not the most experienced guy when it comes to Home Brew, but I do my best. Occasionally I make a few mistakes, and the day that I decided to film my brewing, a mistake did occur. How Not To Cool Down Your Beer – […]


Homebrew! Interested? Then read this!

September 16, 2016

Homebrew is awesome! Hey guys, I just fell across this awesome 2-pager on getting into home brewing. It’s Princeton Homebrew’s, How To Brew 5 Gallons of Beer, which outlines the extract brewing process in really simple terms. If you are just getting started, give it a quick read, and then move on to John Palmer’s, How To […]


Rise Of The Brewing Machines – Craft Beer Lovers, Don’t Be Afraid!

September 12, 2016

Wifey, I wanna get a Brewie! There, I have just said it out loud… This week I happened to fall across a video for a little piece of awesome that is called “The Brewie”. I was at work at the time and I must have had strange a look on my face while I was […]


Best YouTube Beer Reviewers

July 24, 2016

I was in two minds this week as to what to do on my beer blog. As you may know, Monday is story day, and Wednesday is 60 Second Beer Review, but I was in a bit of a spot. You see, I had been working all week on a pretty solid article about some […]


Why Is Drinking Beer At The Brewery So Cool?

July 10, 2016

Getting Down To My Local (brewery that is!) Last week I was speaking to a good mate of mine about life, kids and beer. I was wrapped up in ugg boots at home in front of the footy and he was on his way home from the pub, well the pub at the local brewery […]


8 Beers I Wish I Had Brewed

March 7, 2016

So many great beers, so much envy on my part! So I was sitting at work recently listening to an album called “Songs I wish I wrote” by Alex Goot. It was basically a mix of songs covering all sorts of genre’s that this guy has done in his own style. Some were great, some were ok, […]

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