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#60SecondBeerReview: Big Shed Brewing “Californicator”

March 24, 2016

Got 60 Seconds? Well, Lemme Tell You About This Beer… So, as you may be aware, I have decided to change the format of my beer reviews. I have made them short, sharp and punchy, and hopefully more enjoyable to a wider audience? If you didn’t catch my video from last week, you can find […]


6 Ways I Want To”Craft-Jack” My Family Holiday To Vietnam

March 21, 2016

Craft Beer & A Family Holiday In Vietnam EDIT: Before we start with this weeks story…if you haven’t seen the first of my 60 Second Beer Reviews, check it out here. Sounds like people are liking them, so I will keep going with it! Back to this weeks story! So it’s now about 3 weeks out […]


8 Beers I Wish I Had Brewed

March 7, 2016

So many great beers, so much envy on my part! So I was sitting at work recently listening to an album called “Songs I wish I wrote” by Alex Goot. It was basically a mix of songs covering all sorts of genre’s that this guy has done in his own style. Some were great, some were ok, […]


Beer Review – Ballast Point Big Eye IPA

February 24, 2016

I want to be one of the beer cool kids! Remember back to when you were a kid? For me it was the 1980’s, a decade of excess, big hair, loud clothes, awesome music and cult movie classics like The Goonies  and Back To The Future! Unless you were one of those superstar cool kids […]


Beer Review: I’m Digging Dark Beers Right Now

February 17, 2016

Come To The Dark (Beer) Side! I’ve had this thing lately where I might have a few beers on any given night and then, much like my afternoon coffee obsession with Chunky Kit Kats, I feel the need to finish my night of beer tasting with a dark brew. I just find that it finishes […]


Who Is The Hop Trial Brewing Company?

February 15, 2016

Back in the beer game. There’s a new (old) kid in town! So I was checking out my Twitter feed the other day and came across a link to this story on Aus Brews News. It was all about local Tasmanian legend, Owen Johnston, and his new brewing company…Hop Trial Brewing Co. I would like to […]


Beer Review – Golden Road Brewing Wolf Among Weeds IPA

February 10, 2016

All the way from L.A. I went to visit my old mate Charlie who runs a beer, wine and spirits distribution company and always has his finger on the pulse for new craft beers in my area. He was the guy that put me onto Wolf OF The Willows recently, and he introduced me to […]


Viva La Craft Revolution

February 1, 2016

The Hottest 100 Australian Craft Beers were announced last week, sparking a lot of online discussion about the state of the industry in this country. I am hearing everything from big brewers unfairly dominating the scene, to the countdown turning into a popularity contest for marketing departments, Beer Snobs have been up in arms, and […]


Beer Review – Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

January 27, 2016

It’s Dark & Stormy, but don’t be scared! Every now and then, you pick up a beer at your local bottle-o and think to yourself…”This beer is going to be f##king great, I just know it”. Knowing nothing about this weeks beer in review, I had that exact feeling when I picked it up recently. […]


Craft Beer At Local Markets – Times Have Changed

January 18, 2016

So I was at this small Twilight Market in Hobart last week and had a fantastic time there with the wife and kids. There were plenty of people around, it was warm and sunny until about 8pm (one of the benefits of living where I do, long twilight hours), and there was something for everyone. […]

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