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Craft Brewery Overload?

April 4, 2016

Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing When It Comes To Beer & Breweries? Welcome back…did you see my Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 60 Second Beer Review last week? Ever since I left my job with Lion beer and have been working out what my next career move will be, I have had […]


Who Is The Hop Trial Brewing Company?

February 15, 2016

Back in the beer game. There’s a new (old) kid in town! So I was checking out my Twitter feed the other day and came across a link to this story on Aus Brews News. It was all about local Tasmanian legend, Owen Johnston, and his new brewing company…Hop Trial Brewing Co. I would like to […]


Craft Beer At Local Markets – Times Have Changed

January 18, 2016

So I was at this small Twilight Market in Hobart last week and had a fantastic time there with the wife and kids. There were plenty of people around, it was warm and sunny until about 8pm (one of the benefits of living where I do, long twilight hours), and there was something for everyone. […]


When Good Beer (Homebrew) Goes Bad

November 9, 2015

Sunday morning, the sun was shining and it’s was a beautiful day…for a brew. I had been on a family walk and shipped the missus and her mini-me off for a bit of shopping, got the young fella occupied on some craft work, and I was ready to brew. I was pretty  pumped about the brew, my […]


Is Contract Brewing In My Future?

September 28, 2015

I was having a pint with some guys from a new brewery in Tassie the other night and we were discussing the multitude of new home grown beer labels popping up in the state and how a couple of them had no physical home, but were actually contract brewing. If you haven’t heard of this […]

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