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Beer Review: Little Creatures Dog Days

October 7, 2015

Welcome to the first of my beer reviews here on The Beer Healer. My beer reviews on this site aren’t going to be overly technical, cos I am not a Cicerone, but I am a beer lover who will do my best to entertain you with a fun, light hearted look at some new beers […]


Introducing The Ghetto Beer Pump

October 6, 2015

Before I tell you this quick little story, let me preface it by saying that I am not claiming this idea as my own. One of my brew club members pushed me in the right direction after I called out for help…and its bloody genius!!! So, if you are a first time reader…welcome, but if […]


Is Contract Brewing In My Future?

September 28, 2015

I was having a pint with some guys from a new brewery in Tassie the other night and we were discussing the multitude of new home grown beer labels popping up in the state and how a couple of them had no physical home, but were actually contract brewing. If you haven’t heard of this […]


Share The S##t Out Of It!

August 21, 2015

Back in 1991, Sizzler produced a cracking infomercial that is as 90’s as 90210, Pamela Anderson and Roller Blades all rolled into one! Well my mate who owns Batch Brewing Co. was totally inspired by it and decided that his brewery needed to make a 25th Anniversary (sort of) tribute to it. I love it, and […]


Beer On The Big Island

August 5, 2015

One thing I love about travelling overseas is the exposure you get to new cultures, new places and new beers! In June 2012, we packed the family up for a Winter escape to Hawaii and while we were there I was lucky enough to spend a few hours sharing beers and stories with the boys […]


Healing my soul, one beer at a time.

July 23, 2015

I love the message in this picture, it sums up the world of beer for me… In the world of a million blogs, what makes this one different? Probably nothing, but it is going to help me get overt the fact that I now have a regular job and I am no longer one of […]

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