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Ep. 3 – Stirling Howland, Balter Brewing Co. Brand Director

October 3, 2018

Stirling Howland is a co-founder, and the brand director for one of the hottest craft beer brands on the market, Balter Brewing. It has been a whirlwind introduction to the beer market for Balter, and a very successful one. Stirling is no stranger to working with successful brands, having been the head of marketing at […]


The BeerHealer Interviews Ep2 & New Streaming Services

September 6, 2018

IU’m back with another episode of the The BeerHealer Interviews! Zoe Ottaway used to work with Mountain Goat Beer and Little Creatures Brewing, and now she has started Totem Marketing. When it comes to marketing in the beer world, she knows what she is talking about! In this episode she offers plenty of advice for small breweries trying to stand […]


I have started a Podcast…The BeerHealer Interviews

August 28, 2018

I have been thinking about starting a Podcast for ages…and I jhave finally done it! With this Podcast, I want to play the role of story teller and share the great stories of the craft beer world with you. Each episode is a half hour interview with someone involved in the world of brewing who […]

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