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Beer Review – Garage Project Garagista IPA

November 18, 2015

Someone once said to me “when you are on a good thing, you stick to it”. These wise words are the reason that for this week’s beer review I am not only reviewing my third brew from New Zealand, but also my second beer from Garage Project, and my second IPA. I make no apologies […]


Beer Review – Victory Summer Love Ale

November 11, 2015

Looking out my window right now, you wouldn’t know that Summer in the Southern Hemisphere is only 20-odd days away. Okay, so Hobart isn’t the warmest place, but a few days ago it was 26 and sunny and today it might just be single digits and wet…very wet. What is a man to do when faced […]


Beer Advent Calendar – Day 20

November 10, 2015

What did I unwrap today? Murray’s Whale Ale Wheat Ale, 4.5% Right…I apologise for this being late, but I had a Christmas party at home this afternoon. We got hit by a storm in the middle of it…there was torrential rain, kids and parents running for cover and umbrellas blowing over! But some of the kids […]


Beer Review – Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA

November 4, 2015

I am not sure if you guys reading this are aware of my home state of Tasmania (the little island below Australia, see the yellow arrow?), but as far as receiving newly released beers in the market, we may be one of the last places on earth to receive them…I think that Tristan da Cunha […]


Beer Review – Moa Session Pale Ale

October 28, 2015

Before I get into this week’s beer review, I have to disclose the fact that I bloody love NZ craft breweries, so I might be a little biased. The New Zealand craft beer scene is so vibrant, some say it is running a little ahead of the Australian scene, but who cares who is in […]


Beer Review – Garage Project Hapi Daze

October 21, 2015

Now I understand that this beer from Garage Project may not be the newest thing going around, but that doesn’t matter here on the Beer Healer…I found it last week in my local craft brew bottle-o, so it’s new to me. Reading the brewers description of the brew made me think that this was the […]


Chicken Wings: The Ultimate Beer & Food Match

October 19, 2015

Until recently, I had this thing in my house where I couldn’t convince the wifey of the joys of chowing down on a plate of chicken wings. She just couldn’t get past the messiness and the little amount of flesh on the bones, such hard work for a small return. My wife is a very […]


Beer Review: Brewcult Reset Robot

October 14, 2015

I am going to be 40 next year…yep, pretty scary seeing as I still think of myself as a 20 year old…well  a 20 year old with a Dad-bod (very fashionable these days). When you get to your forties many things begin to change. All of a sudden you are considered middle aged, you need […]


My Top 10 Craft Beers From The USA

October 12, 2015

So in preparing to create this blog I have scrawled a whole bunch of article ideas in an old notebook that I will work through in good time. In between all of the meaty and thought provoking topics (like “beer + cans = awesome”) I have decided that every now and then I will throw together […]


Beer Review: Little Creatures Dog Days

October 7, 2015

Welcome to the first of my beer reviews here on The Beer Healer. My beer reviews on this site aren’t going to be overly technical, cos I am not a Cicerone, but I am a beer lover who will do my best to entertain you with a fun, light hearted look at some new beers […]

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