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Revisiting My Top 10 Craft Beers From The USA

November 13, 2016

Checking back in on my fave American Craft Beer. Last year I took a look at some of my favourite American Craft Beer and came up with the list below. Love it, or hate it, this is the 10 that I came up with, I think there are some ripping beers shown here. I was […]


The Mini Bar Is Dead…

May 15, 2016

Is the Mini Bar dead? Can Craft Beer revive it? It’s 8pm on cold Autumn Wednesday night in Melbourne and I am sitting at the Rooftop Bar typing away, while I freeze my ass off! Why? Cos my hotel room had a mini bar with nothing in it…not one beer! When did the Mini Bar […]


10 Ways To Improve My Brewing

February 22, 2016

Time to get real and brew great beer! 2016 is only a few weeks old, New Year’s resolutions have come and gone and everyone is back to eating/drinking too much, smoking, staying out late, not exercising, or whatever they promised themselves they would change as they went to bed in the wee small hours of […]


My Top 10 Craft Beers From The USA

October 12, 2015

So in preparing to create this blog I have scrawled a whole bunch of article ideas in an old notebook that I will work through in good time. In between all of the meaty and thought provoking topics (like “beer + cans = awesome”) I have decided that every now and then I will throw together […]