Ep.108 – Craft Beer Musings & Lessons from the USA Market . With Allagash Brewing Marketing Director, Jeff Pillet-Shore

This chat with Allagash Brewing Marketing Director, Jeff Pillet-Shore was just what I was looking for to finish off the year.
Allagash has been around since 1996 and is one of the OG’s of the USA craft beer scene. It was started by one man with a dream who would lend his hand at anything to get the brewery up and running…welding, jack hammering, electrical, it didn’t matter, and Rob Todd found a way to bring his dream to life. Since those humble beginnings, Allagash Brewing in Portand Maine has gone on to win all kinds of awards while producing some of the finest beers in the lands. It all started with a Belgian witbier, Allagash white that polarised drinkers initially, but eventually won over their hearts and minds and is now sold in cans and can be found all over America. Outside of that classic brew, Allagash pretty much plays in every other beer category you can think of.
In this episode Jeff talks about:
  • The complex and unique 3-tier system in America and how it shaped the USA market;
  • How Allagash likes to position their marketing message in a crowded market;
  • What it means to take a hospitality centred approach;
  • How, even though they are getting bigger, they are still a brewer-led organisation;
  • Some of the decisions they have made around the beers they brew, and choose not to brew;
  • And how Allagash turned the gloom and doom of Covid-19 into a massive positive for their staff.
An enlightening and educational chat with Jeff, that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.

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