Ep. 114 – The Next Evolution of Batch Brewing Co. With Co-Founders, Christopher Sidwa and Andrew “Chuck” Fineran

Joining me on this episode are the two co-founders of Batch Brewing…Andrew Fineran, who joined me from Marrickville, and Chris Sidwa all the way from New Jersey.
Batch Brewing should be pretty familiar to you all, this isn’t the first time they have appeared on this podcast, and they are from one of Australia’s most popular craft beer hotspots, Marrickville.
What you may not know about Batch however, is what has been going on behind the scenes in the business. Over that last 12 months or so, some subtle changes to the business have been made. Some of them because of Covid, others due to the state of the market, and they are about to open the business up to an equity crowd funding offer.
Plenty going on, so I thought I would get the lads on to talk about what all the changes mean for the future of the business.
If you are interested in the equity crowd funding offer, you can get more information from here:
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