Ep. 131 – From Accounting & Risk Management to an Old-World Family Brewery with a Twist. With Slow Lane Brewing’s Alex & Yvonne Jarman.

Slow Lane Brewing is a bit of throwback…a bit of what’s old is new, old-world beers with a modern twist. If you didnt know better you would think Slow Lane’s beers were brewed in a beautiful old stone brewery in the rolling hills of Europe, not in a warehouse in an inner-city industrial suburb of Sydney!
But that’s Slow Lane Brewing for ya, they take the old, and make it new again, and they are doing it really well. From Europe to Botany, with a modern interpretation, and not afraid to push the boundaries. Mixed fermented sours, barrel ageing, and open-top fermenters, these aren’t your run of the mill beers.
This is the story of a husband and wife duo teaming up to follow a dream, which makes it even more awesome. This is Alex & Yvonne Jarman from Slow Lane Brewing…and an extra special guest!
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