Ep. 144 – Beer From The Valley of Love. With Nigel and Eli from The Welcome Swallow Brewery.

If you have been listening for a while, you know I am a proud Tasmanian and I like to be able to tell the stories from down this way when I can. This one has been coming for a little while, the boys and I have had a bit of back and forth, trying to align our schedules. But, with a cancellation in my ultra-busy weekend social calendar, I was able to find my way to the “Valley of Love” to pay the lads from Welcome Swallow Brewery a visit.
30 odd minutes north of Hobart in the Derwent Valley, in the historic town of New Norfolk, that was the location for this chat. At 10:30 am on Sunday, I sat down and shared a “Morning tea” beer with the founders of the Welcome Swallow brewery and taproom, Nigel Graham and Elias Eichler, to find out more about them.
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