Ep. 153 – Lovely Lagers & The Tassie Lifestyle Led Me Here. With The Albert Brewery Head Brewery, JJ King.

Tasmania has a bit of a history with lagers…both of the big guys down have battled for 100 odd years to see who is best. More recently, Tasmanian drinkers have rediscovered their love of lager, brewed by the new wave of craft breweries in this state, and they are liking what they are tasting.
I guess that’s why a brewery such as The Albert can afford to model their whole business plan on them…lagers of every colour. I’m not sure if it’s because I have done hazy’s to death, or that I’m getting grumpy in my old age, but there is something about a lager right now that I am just loving. Add the fact that The Albert has recently pumped out another favourtie of mine, a mid strength lager, and I am, in heaven! The new Albert Blue has been my beer of choice for the last few months down here, and now it seems that you mainlanders are now going to get a taste of it.
Head Brewer, JJ King, has worked his way around a few mainland breweries, and has now settled in Tasmania to brew Lagers at The Albert…enjoy the chat!
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