Ep. 154 – Fork In The Road: A Crowdfunding Story. With Akasha Brewing Founder, Dave Padden.

There is a point that craft breweries get to in their growth trajectory, the one where the founders have realised that they need a little bit of extra funding to fully realise their potential. That’w where we find Akasha Brewing Co right now.
Founded in 2015 in Sydney’s Five Dock, Akasha has helped spearhead Australia’s blossoming love affair with high quality, hop-forward beer, rapidly becoming one of the most celebrated and successful independent breweries in the country.
With a nationally recognisable brand, a stellar core range of highly awarded, eminently sessionable beers, and an expanding roster of limited release seasonal projects that push the art and science of brewing to new heights of invention, Akasha is now poised to expand.
To realise their dreams, Dave and the Akasha team have decided to embark on a crowdfunding campaign to raise the required funds. They are calling it the inner circle and are very excited about how it can take Akasha to the next level volume-wise, and tick a bunch of other strategic planning boxes for them.
Dave jumped on the mic with me to talk it all through.
If you are interested in registering for the crowdfunding campaign, you can do so below
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