Ep. 155 – When Retro Vibes & Modern Lifestyles Collide. With Brick Lane CEO, Paul Bowker.

Have you been to the supermarket lately? Once upon a time, the displays at the ends of the aisles were filled with chocolates and coca-cola, but these days there is a new player creeping into that space, non-alcoholic beer.
And I am not talking about the stuff that you used to pick up next to the non-alc champagne that you drank at the Christmas table as a kid. Old brands in that space like Holsten or Kaliber are being challenged by a raft of newcomers, brewed by everyone from Heinken and Budweiser, to local craft breweries Upflow and Nort.
Paul Bowker is CEO of Brick Lane Brewing, and they have introduced a new 70’s vibe upstart to the category, Sidewinder. When retro vibes and modern lifestyles collide, that’s where you will find the new refreshment-inspired non alcoholic beer from Sidewinder.
With these new additions to the lineup, and a category that looks like it is going gangbusters, it seems there is a hell of a lot to talk about. Can Paul convince this Coke Zero and Lime Mineral Water drinker to switch to a non-alc beer…let’s see!!
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