Ep. 59 – The Pro, The Protege & The Hack: Recipe Creation. With Dave Padden (Akasha) & Ben Miller (From Ben)

Introducing something new to the Beer Healer Interviews podcast stream!
These podcasts are all about telling stories, but what if you could also learn a thing of two AND (hopefully) have a laugh at the same time?
Well…here goes nuthin’
In this episode, not only do the two lads share some great insights into designing awesome recipes, but they also:
  • Share tips for scaling up recipes;
  • Talk about why crystal malts are becoming less popular;
  • Let us in on the latest recipes they have created; and
  • Explain why they don’t give a f$%k about style guidelines!
If you like this, please help spread the word, and tell us what future topics you want us to discuss.

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