Ep. 61 – Session Ales Won’t Pay The Bills, I’m Brewing Wild Ales! With Speciation Artisan Ales Owner, Mitch Ermatinger.

This episode is for anyone interested in travelling a different path in the craft beer industry!
Speciation Artisan Ales (https://speciationartisanales.com/) is based in Michigan, USA. Mitch Ermatinger founded the company on a shoe string budget with his wife Whitney, after having paid his dues in a number of jobs that would later hold him in good stead as he became “Mr Everything” at the brewery.
This is a story of pragmatic decision making, doing the best you can with what you have and chasing a dream to make awesome beers form the natural surrounds. Mitch also found a unique way to have a tap room without needing a tap room, while also building hype around his beers…it’s genius!
if you are wanting to start your own small brewery, love wild ales, or appreciate cool ideas and thinking outside the square…this episode is for you!

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