Ep. 65 – I’m Shit At Marketing and more heartfelt confessions from Hawkers Beer Founder, Mazen Hajjar.

Strap on your seat belts pod casters, this episode covers a lot of ground!
For those of you who know the name Mazen Hajjar know that he is never afraid to speak his mind and he doesn’t take life too seriously…a great mix for having a great conversation about something we both love, craft beer. If you don’t know Mazen, you need to take a long hard look at yourself. The Middle Eastern born, new Australian is the heart and soul of Victorian brewery Hawkers. He’s an entrepreneur, a visionary, a bit of a hustler, and now he is an Aussie we can also call him a shit stirrer!!
Mazen has a lot to talk about on this episode…raising funds for fire victims with Christian O’Connell, a new collaboration with 3 Weavers, how his brewers biggest mistake became one of their success stories, and a big Crowd Funding plan.

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